Broken songbird.

img_6883A little bit over a week ago, southern California went through a massive heat wave.  Triple-digit summers are not normal in southern California especially high humidity levels.

Well, this is also the time where fledglings are learning to fly.  After taking my dogs out, I realized that a bird was laying on the ground near our trashcan (nowhere close to a tree).  I found its nest thirty, almost forty, feet above ground at the rooftop of our apartment complex.  It was 102 degrees that day and the bird wasn’t moving.  I realized it was sorely dehydrated and its right foot was broken. After waiting some time, I decided to take the bird in because the mother was not in sight, its nest too far, the heat too strong, and the broken leg meant it wouldn’t be able to find cover.  I’m typically not an advocate of interfering with mother nature but I didn’t want it to die under the extreme heat conditions.

Fast forward two weeks later.  The fledgling is hopping around now.  It’s beginning to kind of eat seeds (we’ve been syringe feeding it all the way until now), and its right claw is getting a stronger everyday.  We let it hang outside for bits and pieces throughout the day so it can be released properly after it’s fully recovered. Its flight feathers haven’t come in yet and it doesn’t know how to feed itself yet.  Once it’s good to go, my sister and I are hoping to release it so it is not so lonely.

I have taken a softening to the bird.  It’s so sweet.  I have grown fond of it and love when it talks/chirps to me.  By the way, the bird talk is completely different from the bird’s squeal for food,  lol.

It will be bitter sweet releasing the little thing but it does not belong in a cage.  It deserves to fly. I’m glad it did not imprint on us. Can I add bird-saver to my resume post-employment?  lol.  My time off is going to be… interesting.  My partner jokes around that he’s always surprised I’m not a vegetarian.  He says I love animals too much and says animals love me too much.  Maybe animals and I just have kindred spirits.




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