So many things, so little time

How do people juggle families, work, and school? I figure most people would need extraordinary resources or familial support to do the three.  And if not … well… I don’t want to be a pessimist.

Monday is my last day of work.  I am low-key gloating with joy.  Although it is nerve-racking, I haven’t felt this happy in a long time.  Empowerment reasons, I suppose… As women … we often downplay the credit we deserve because we’ve been conditioned to live by a martyr complex.  At a young age, we are taught to be empathetic, kind, caring, and selfless.  These are not bad qualities but we typically advocate for ourselves last.

So there.  I think that’s the most I will say, with joy, as to why I’m gleefully transitioning out of my role.  I’m so excited, nervous, anxious, and happy about my unknown future!  Says no one ever, except me!  I think this will take me back onto the path I’m very much destined for.  And I genuinely believe that my God will provide.  Please pray for me, it is very much needed in this next chapter of my life.

In the meantime, I will be:  studying, making more items for my shop, fully focusing on launching my shop, wedding planning, and taking photoshoot clients!



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All photos, writings, poems, and opinions are my own.

Have a prayer request? Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.


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