New Orleans !

img_5907I’m blogging from New Orleans right now.  It’s amazing.

I’ve never wanted to visit the city but I had the opportunity to through work. I gleefully accepted the opportunity to speak on a panel at a national conference.  The city is beautifully constructed with history, dense, moist, cultural history.  On every corner.

I do not drink, but it’s a lively city filled with music, food, and alcohol.  I’m obviously here for the amazing cajun/creole food.  🙂

My meeting starts in approximately twenty minutes.  I should be getting ready to go but I’m here blogging about how beautiful this city is.  Would I come again?  Maybe… the air is a bit too dense for me here, so sometimes foul odors linger in the air.  I’m also not a fan of the smoke inhalation, but all in all … this is a city that everyone should visit at least one time.  Note:  this is not a family friendly vacation area.


Many Blessings,



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