img_5421So much happened in the past two weeks, I’ve been running around like a chicken with no head.  I finished my finals for sociology, physiological psychology, and my digital social media course.  I’ve been working and going to school full time to fulfill pre-requisites so I can get back on my way to grad school.  It’s been a wonderful adventure and I really loved all three courses.  In many ways, it didn’t really feel like I was going to school full time because I enjoyed it so much.

I was hoping to take Microbiology, Physio, and Anatomy in the Fall… but it turns out Physio is only offered in the Spring and Anatomy is only offered in the fall. Sucks, right?  That’s a curveball I was not anticipating, but I think it’s all in God’s plan and I just have to trust in His process. Yay to spreading things out to obtain higher GPA’s?  Idk… I’m exploring two doctorate programs and just finished the pre-requisites for one program and am now fulfilling the pre-requisites for the second program. I’m giving myself time to not dive into something that I’m not crazy about.  Adulting at its finest.

My websites are also all launched, I set up paypal/venmo for my shop, and my last set of materials are coming in this week!  It’s been so cool developing this process. Granted, I haven’t made money at all (boo investments) but its been such a fun hobby that I wouldn’t take back any of my financial investments, for anything. (etsy here, or you can order directly from this blog). Most people prefer the paypal/venmo because etsy is… idk. Etsy?

Last but not least, I have my second round of interviews this week, wish me luck.  I’ll be slotting off the rest of my day familiarizing myself with coding and statistical analysis softwares again.

Oh right.  I have a really diverse portfolio, did I mention that?  LOL.  I majored in bioengineering, have spent the past six years in behavioral research and primary prevention, have a lot of experience in adolescent development, and am an expert (literally) in working with refugee immigrant communities.    I never talk about it (ever) on this blog platform because that’s just one facet of my life.  I’ll be flying out to New Orleans, next week, to present at a conference and I’m really excited because I’ve never been to New Orleans.  Any suggestions aside from the fact that I need to find a cameraman?

Yes, my mind is literally pulled into twenty directions on a regular basis.

Many Blessings,



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