Its been busy.

It’s been an incredibly busy week and I finally set aside a portion of my morning to just bask in what has happened.  I finally launched my Instagram account for my body and hair serums, so I’ve been working on that relentlessly.  Most of my time has been spent making my first batch, photographing the products, and timing the content posts.

Once I got Instagram up and running, people started asking how they could purchase the items, so I got my Etsy shop up and running this week too.

Then, last but not least, I went back to my traditional methods of orders: PayPal and venmo.  It has been a whirl wind this week.  Cheers to chasing dreams, doing what you love, and working hard to obtain your greater purpose in life.  I want to thank everyone who follows my journey, has prayed for me, and continually encourages and uplifts me.  This is my first time venturing into something like this, so I am expecting to learn a lot from failures and mistakes, but I am totally up for the journey!




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All photos, writings, poems, and opinions are my own.

Have a prayer request? Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.

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