Himalayan Salt Skincare

Photo May 28, 8 18 14 PM
Himalayan salt crystal soap bar and organic body oil

I wanted to share a new body oil skin care practice I have been using, as of late.  I’ve been using body oils for quite some time now, but I finally have a formula that I’ve grown to love and I also have multiple methods of the application now too.

Himalayan salt crystal before bed.  This is my favorite application method.  I accidentally stumbled onto this method but it is the most soothing method. This method is the one that relaxes me the most and makes it easiest for me to fall asleep.  I would not recommend this method at the beginning of the day, but I definitely recommend it for the end of the workday or before you sleep.

  1. I apply multiple drops of oil (three at the most) onto my Himalayan salt crystal bar.
  2. I use the crystal to massage the oil into the body, until it feels good and mostly dry on my skin.
  3. Continue massaging into the skin for 10-30 minutes (varies based on your preference).
Floral goodness
Before I begin any process, I thank the earth for blessing me with these wonderful plants, using my traditional indigenous Hmong practices, and say a blessing for everyone who will benefit from this serum. Hours are spent ensuring that the plant’s medicinal benefits are infused into the oil.

Benefits.  I like that I am getting the full benefits of the body oil and the beneficial minerals Himalayan salt crystals provide.  Himalayan crystals are rich in minerals and contain things like: calcium, nitrogen, carbon, and the most of the elements you could expect to find in an elements chart.  The crystal promotes electrolyte balance, assists in sleep regulation, and balances skin cells. This infuses the crystal benefits with the body oil serum’s benefit.  The body oil contains floral herbs that assist with healing dry skin, inflammation, Vitamin C, tightening pores, eczema, and acne.  The two infused together is a godsend.


My partner really likes using the Himalayan salt for his back and face.  I love that this product is gentle and strong enough to work on all the types of skin we find in our body.  hope you enjoyed this updated skincare post.

Body serum is officially on sale, here.


Love you all,



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All photos, writings, poems, and opinions are my own.

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