Rose water, lavender, for skin.

Organic Face Toner
Rose Water, Chrysanthemums, and Calendulla

My sister came over last week and we made a face toner together.  She’s the last baby girl in our family, and she follows most of my instagram stories.

I’ve been making organic skincare and hair care products for a few months now.  She excitedly wanted to make something so we opted to make my favorite homemade face toner. Toners shrink pores, balances skin pH, tightens skin after cleansing, and refreshes the skin.

The toner took about two hours to make.  We used rose hips, lavender, calendula and chrysanthemums!  We made approximately four ounces, which should be more than enough to last three months.  I used floral herbs that had wonderful aromatic, skin enhancing, and relaxation properties.  For myself, personally, I like to have relaxants since I have stressful work duties throughout the week.

I actually use a spritz for this face toner.  I find the mist to be extremely relaxing and helpful to evenly apply the toner.  The image you see here is the refill bottle.  Here’s how I use the toner:

  1. ensure your face has just been washed with a skin oil cleanser or your skin wash regiment.
  2. spray the entire face with this toner (approximately 6 inches away from the face)
  3. gently massage the toner into the skin
  4. let the toner sit for 15-30 minutes to air dry.
  5. wipe off excess with cotton.
  6. moisturize your face 30 minutes after the application of the toner.

I’m not sure if the toner has helped with much, aside from an extra layer of skincare, but I’ve noticed that I feel so good every time I apply it.  I think the scent of the toner alone is enough for me to continuously use it.  It makes me feel fresh and clean, so I just keep continuing to use it.

What’s your skincare favorite?

Many Blessings,


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All photos and opinions are my own.


  1. I love rose water! And I can’t believe you made this at home! Have you ever made an a toner with tea tree oil? I love Lushs’ tea tree toner.
    -Brian M


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