Successes and luck.

Someone once told me, I was lucky.  Everything in my life was due to luck.  Getting into a top tier graduate university (that accepts only 2% of applicants), having a loving/kind partner, getting paid more than most people my age in various industries, always finding opportunities, obtaining great mentorships, the list goes on.  I am one lucky gal.

Yes. I am blessed, but no … I did not get all of these things because of luck.  I worked hard and earned it.  I spent countless hours studying, working multiple jobs, spending hundreds of hours regularly aiding in community service, and spent very little time partying or socializing.  I made sacrifices and deserve everything I’ve accomplished.  It was not luck.  It was hard work.

I’ve noticed that “luck” is more commonly applied to women, than men.  It is a poor choice of word that intentionally undermines the accomplishment of a hardworking woman.  Luck is defined as, “the success or failure brought on by chance.”   If someone is dedicating countless hours, to obtain success, how can that be termed luck?  No, it should be seen as determination, hard work, and an accomplishment.

This blog was inspired by a misogynistic comment made, to a close friend of mine, in a workplace that “champions” women’s empowerment.  It’s time to end the narrative that women obtain success through luck when they work their a**es off regularly.

Oh, and let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful engagement photo of my partner and I!  I’m so blessed to have his unconditional love and support in every endeavor I choose to pursue.

Many blessings,


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All photos, writings, poems, and opinions are my own.

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