Growing, slowly.

img_3938I feel better today.  I spent most of yesterday and today working on projects and grounding myself.  Yesterday I started my day off at a local coffee and bagel shop.  While there, my sister noticed a series of signs indicating there was a local plant sale nearby.  We strolled over, and sure enough, the local community garden was having a sale.  We spent an hour perusing through native succulents, made a few purchases, and then stopped to admire the monarch station of the garden.  The monarch station was a relatively small plot, not more than 6×6 feet, but it was beaming with life.  Monarch butterflies and bees buzzed around the milkweeds, cocoons nestled against branched, and caterpillars were….everywhere.  I hate butterflies but greatly admire the role they play in the environment.

I asked the community garden owner if they were selling milkweed plants.  He said they were not.  I told him my mother had a huge organic garden and that I wanted to grow some in her yard, so the butterflies could have food, and just because I admire their role in cross pollination.  He beamed and told me to hold on, ran to the back of the garden, and came out with a ziploc bag filled with milkweed seeds.  I asked him how much I should give but he refused to accept money.  Instead, he told me how important it was for California natives to restore the food system of these beautiful insects.  I thanked him, we sent each other blessings, and went our separate ways.

img_3945-1My sister and I quickly gathered our belongings, drove to home depot and went straight to my Mom’s house.  We softened the earth, planted the seeds, applied food fertilizer, dampened the soil, and rooted other southern California floral natives alongside the milkweed seeds. It was hot, we were dripping in sweat, but it helped ease my anxieties.

I spent the remainder of the weekend working on this wooden drawer.  I’ve been frustrated with my vanity set, for quite some time now, and finally decided to throw it out to find something more accommodating.  I was searching for a coat rack, from a local thrift store, and found this $11.00 wooden drawer instead.  I liked that it was well built and sturdy.  It was old, there was a small crack in one of the drawers, but it was salvageable by all means.  I purchased a weathered grey paint coat and ivory matte spray paint.   By the end of the day – it looked beautiful.  I loved how the white handles paired against the matte grey wood.  After it dried, I took it home, loaded my makeup into the drawer, deconstructed my vanity set, and now I’m as happy as a bee.  I spent the entire weekend building, taking care of myself, and now … my anxieties feel so far away.

How was your weekend?

Happy Sunday and good night,



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All photos, writings, poems, and opinions are my own.

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