Secret lights.

Nothing secret will come to light.

img_3853I try to read scripture every day.  Yesterday, I read the about the parable of the lights.  There was a specific part that resonated quite deeply with me, “Nothing secret will come to light.”  I often think about how we are all born with a unique set of gifts, gifts that we are supposed to use in this world to fulfill our purpose in life.

For a long time, I hid my gifts.  I hated my gifts.  I learned, that when people discovered my gifts, they would try to maximize it.  I felt exploited often.  These last couple of months, I realized I could have used my gifts to my liking instead of profiting other’s needs.  I hated hiding my gifts, not exploring my true potential, and watching others greedily reap the benefits of my gift.  I intentionally hid my gifts because I learned people always tried to take advantage of it, for not so good purposes.  I wanted to give my gift to people who truly deserved and acknowledged it, I wanted to uplift others, bring awareness to injustices, and create a place of healing.  I did not want to use my gift for glory, fame, job advancements, or increased funding streams.  Money is nice – but I believe that income will always flow as long as you trust the universe stream.

So why did this parable resonate with me?  Well… I was hiding my light.  No one would have known, how my light should shine, because I was actively using energy to hide it in secrecy.  I could have spent energy elsewhere, instead of trying to hide.  It was not benefiting the world, in the way that I wanted it to, because I chose to sit in the darkness.  I was letting others, who could only see a glimpse of my light, try to use it for devious things.  I prayed.  I asked for forgiveness but I also prayed for the courage to use my light with care, responsibility, and good intentions.  We are all unique and different.  We bring a set of gifts to the world – that only we have.  Don’t forget that.  Don’t forget to shine your light.

Love and light,


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