My head is pounding.

img_3611My partner and I flew back home this morning and we both went straight to work after being picked up.  I have been up since 4:00AM and I feel like I am about to topple over.  I have a pounding headache that’s persisted for almost 24 hours now.

I am moving slower today than usual but I am taking ample time to recover from the massive amount of traveling I’ve been doing.

We spent a ton of time in the car cruising up and down the coast of Oregon.  Oregon is beautiful and breathtaking.  The overcast provides perfect lighting for photographs.  If I lived in Oregon, I would take travel photos every weekend, when and where ever possible, with my dogs.  I love how dog-friendly Oregon is and how eco-conscious the community is.  Eating “out” and finding organic restaurants is sooo easy!  Not only that but it’s so easy to find restaurants that serve free range-organic meat.  Last but not least … finding dairy free dessert options is so easy in Portland!  Being lactose intolerant, my reaction to dairy has consistently grown worst every year, it is now similar to a full blown food allergy.  Having an ice cream dessert option, that doesn’t result in an uncomfortable situation, is a luxury I don’t get to enjoy often in southern California.


I thoroughly enjoyed the mini-vacation with my fiance and the time spent with my sister.  My sister and I have not spent a lot of time together the past three years, since she gave birth to my nephew, because of the difficulties related to traveling with a toddler.  My nephew was a saint over the weekend and did a great job hiking, exploring the beaches, and singing a ton of sing alongs.  I think I’m officially a rockstar aunt who can sing all of the following:  Frere Jacque, Happy and You Know It, ABC, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, “Roll Over?,” Choo Choo – there goes the train, the list goes on…  My nephew and I also have a funny relationship that involves making weird voices and faces to each other.  It’s weird, don’t ask, lol.



I came home, hugged my fur babies, and then my sister told me that one of them got sick, while we were out, with diarrhea and vomiting. Yuck. 😛 Hoping he gets better now that I’m home but this week is going to be super busy.  I’m glad to be back in the sun, the comfort of my bed, underneath my weighted blanket, bathed in my organic body oils, and blogging comfortably from my computer.  I also can’t wait to go on a long walk with my dogs tonight (long walks are officially a favorite of mine).

During my lunch, I spent time praying with my rosary and meditating.  I feel much better now that I am at the end of my blog and am sending you many blessings over the course of your Monday.  Monday’s can often be one of those bitter sweet days but I’m counting my blessings today on this beautiful Long Beach Monday.  I love the ocean air’s warmth over my face, the beautiful clear skies, and the happiness of my fur babies.  I hope you are all well.

With so much love,



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All photos, writings, poems, and opinions are my own.

Have a prayer request? Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.


  1. I would’ve taken a wild guess that LA had just as many dairy free ice cream parlors and healthy restaurants! And girl, Asians have the highest rates of being lactose intolerant, which really sucks.


    1. kind of. A lot of their “dairy” free options are vegan, and a lot of “organic” options are also vegan. I’m not vegan and vegan food tastes funny to me. lol, what’s nice about Oregon is that organic and/or dairy-free food doesn’t mean its vegan. They’re definitely more versatile in their food options.

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