Let’s explore, shall we?

A small place outside of Hillsboro, OregonSo we’ve been roaming around coastal Oregon for three days and two nights now.  I am back at my sister’s house now, am nestled, and will be packing to go back home to Long Beach tomorrow morning.  I love Oregon but have truly missed the company of my two fur babies.  I miss going out on our daily forty five minute walks and admiring how cute they are when they pee on every light post (that’s sad huh?) lol.

Today we spent the morning enjoying the fresh air of Seaside.  We then made our way back to McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.  It was pouring when we arrived but it made for beautiful photos!  The path was covered with tree petals and the mountain passes made a beautiful backdrop.  The rain provided a beautiful contour to the historical buildings and I couldn’t help but take photos of my partner against the building.  He wore the perfect color tones to bring out the texture of the historical sites.


After taking a few shots, we ventured our way to downtown Portland, Oregon and went to an organic dairy-free ice cream shop.  I love that Oregon has so many dairy-free organic food options.  I ordered a strawberry rose rhubarb ice cream, topped with almond toffee crumbles, cocoa nibs, and coconut cookie bits.  I loved how light the dessert was!  It literally felt like I was drinking rose water drizzled as a tart.  I wasn’t bloated and felt refreshed and light afterwards.  Food has such an amazing way of lifting my energy.

I’m spending the remainder of the evening watching chick flicks with my sister and nephew.  Updates coming soon with tons and tons of photos.  I’m so excited to share my photos with you all.

Love and light,


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All photos, writings, poems, and opinions are my own.

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