A day with a toddler.

Portland, OR

I had the privilege of spending the day with my nephew.  This is my first time watching him without my sister, who is his mother, because he was a bit too young before.  We live so far from him that, in our past encounters, he hardly recognized me.  We spent time with him a few weeks ago at Disneyland and he seemed to remember my partner and I.

We cancelled most of our outdoor plans due to the rain and opted to take my nephew to the OMSI museum.  It’s a small science museum in Portland, Oregon that overlooks the city.  I was really surprised at how kid friendly it was.  My nephew loved all parts of it and there seemed to be a group of people who regularly meet up with their children at the kids’ play section.  I always enjoy letting children play (without devices) and exhausting their imaginative creative sides.

As a babysitter, and possible role model, I like to encourage young children to develop their critical thinking skills and verbal reasoning capacities.  I feel that young children have lost a crucial part of their human development to the world of technology.  I regularly read to young children, encourage building things, assist with developing their spatial capacities, buy them books, and encourage them to play outdoors.  I think it’s important for young people to appreciate nature, have regular social human interactions, and appreciate the present moments.  Social media is great but I like limiting its exposure in my own life and others who are actively involved in my life.

I loved the weather in Oregon today but I can feel a little scratch at the back of my throat.  The weather here is nice, it’s cozy, and it feels like there are seasons.

Portland, Oregon

All in all – I love spending time outdoors, with my family, and exploring new adventures.  I hope that you are spending time with your loved ones today and enjoying the smaller moments.  The best part, I did not have to change any poopy diapers today, no tantrums, and we sang a lot of songs!

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.
-Deepak Chopra



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