Blogging on a plane

It’s 7:52PM and I am literally en route to Portland, Oregon from the deathly heat of southern California.  I usually fall asleep on planes but today’s ride is a bit different.  There are two children behind me, both seem to be under the age of five, and they are feverishly uncomfortable, squealing, and bickering endlessly in their high pitched voices.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply compassionate towards parents who are traveling with children, but I can never sleep on a plane when there are fussy children.  Sending blessings to all the Mom’s who do this regularly!

I have been away from my dogs for only a few hours (literally) and I’m already anxious about how much they must miss me.  (dog mom problems).  I’ve grown more attached to them since I went on break last month and they’ve been behaving so well … I don’t want them to revert back to bad habits during the five days I’m away.  My eyes are literally drooping as I am typing this.  I can tell I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow morning.

The past two days, in LA, there’s been an odd heat wave.  I went straight to the airport from work today and my colleagues were wondering why I was bundled.  It’s complicated… LA is 85 degrees and Portland is 50.  You know?  It’s also been clear skies down south … and Oregon is raining… The weather could not be more bipolar.  Anyways, rant done.  My partner is eagerly waiting for me to log off so he can watch a movie because his screen is broken on the plane, “What a diva!”

Wishing you a blessed evening from the skies of Pacific Ocean.  🙂



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