Okay, he’s pretty cute.

Baby Bear starts modeling.I know! I have so many dog blogs but I can’t help it!  They do the darnest things and they are so freaken cute while doing it.  I just have to share two stories from yesterday and today … because it’s the reason why I can’t ever stop writing about them. ha ha ha.

I spent most of this weekend coordinating my outfits, for my upcoming travel, to the Pacific Northwest.  When I finally started packing, my Destie decided that she wanted to go too.  She observed me for a little bit, wandered around me, observed me a little longer, and then plopped herself into my suitcase!  She now knows that when I pack it means that I will be leaving her!  *insert tears here*  I kept moving her out of the suitcase but she just kept plopping herself back in there, “I know Destie, I hate being away from you too, but it will only be for five days!  I promise!”  I ended up just packing around her, shuffling her from one corner, packing, shuffling her again, and I’m still not done packing.  Hence, dogs are super ineffective for helping with packing but they do make the time go faster.

Baby BearI just received my clear quartz pendant crystal an hour ago.  I eagerly ran outside to retrieve my package and decided to take a photo of it!  Clear quartz is supposed to be the master healer crystal, for warding off negative energy, absorbing and regulating the body’s energy.  I know, there is no research to back this up, BUT it is really pretty to look at.  While angling my hand for the photo, Baby Bear decided that he wanted to be a part of the photo too.  He snuck up from the side and then plopped his chin down onto my hand.  I politely asked him to move but he ignored me and continued resting his chin on my hand. Say hello to my new hand, crystal, dog, model?  And this is why I find joy and laughter (always) in my two companions.  There’s nothing better than two fluff balls who don’t have to speak to keep me laughing, happy, and full of life.

Here’s to living with joy in the small moments.

Love and light,


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All photos and opinions are my own.

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