Where have I been?

img_3133Sunday morning and I’m sitting here, reflecting on this blessed week, and everything I was able to accomplish.  I did not blog as much this week but am still writing daily as part of my healing practice.  That’s why I’ve been sharing my poems with readers for National Poetry Month. My younger brother spent his spring break week with me and I wanted to be as present as possible.  That meant less media attention and more in-person attention.

Early on in the week, we spent time learning how to detach from our mobile devices (this is really hard for younger generations nowadays) and spent time learning how to talk about things like life.  Studies show that young generations lack basic socialization skills and actual human connections needed to thrive as human beings.  In the middle of the week, I taught him the value in daily exercises and enjoying things like “fresh air” and “rain.”  On Friday, I finally started having him join my daily prayers, readings, and meditation.  I told him why I have the rosary by my bed and why I use it during prayers.  We read, prayed, and sat together the past two nights and I have easily seen how it’s brought him peace knowing that he has someone who prays and cares about his well-being.  He is young and modeling healthy behaviors is something I want to instill in him for the rest of his life.  I also want him to know he is loved.  His first prayer request broke my heart, he asked, “Can you pray that no one will try to commit suicide in our family anymore?”  I said of course I can.  And we prayed together.

We spent most of yesterday working on a wood work project.  I told him, if he wanted to spend spring break with me, he would have to take on a project that did not involve media devices.  While walking the dogs, earlier in the week, we found that one of my neighbors was moving and giving away free things to anyone who wanted it.  I was originally going to grab a wood furniture piece, from the thrift store, but I spotted an old wooden table in the free pile my neighbors left outside.


I initially did not think too much of it but told my younger brother we could pick it, for his project, if it was still there in the evening.  It was.  The table was sturdy, strong, heavy, but had various stains and cup holder scars throughout the top.

It also had a relatively thick layer of polish that we needed to remove.  It was a light brown and reminded me of something my grandmother would have purchased in the seventies.  Nonetheless it was free and I was excited to teach my brother the art of transforming pieces.  Woodworking has been an amazing healing project for my partner and myself.  In many ways it reminds me of when our hearts have been through a lot of pain.  Once we remove the tough exterior we find a beautiful solid piece that just needed love and care.  A few coats and their true beauty shines through.


We sanded down the polish and opted for an ebony stain.  I originally wanted a deep oak color but my partner really wanted this to be his first project with my brother.  I have more wood work experience than my partner, so I really wanted them to lead this project, and I wanted to be as hands off as possible.  He accidently chose an ebony stain but we made it work.  🙂  It required much more detailing but the result was really great.  It took over sixteen hours to complete the project, this excludes the time it took to let it dry overnight.  My younger brother was exhausted but he was so intrigued by learning how to sand and the vigorous detail required throughout the process.  It was rewarding for him to see how he transformed an old piece of furniture into something that looked like a couple hundred bucks!

I spent the remainder of my evening reading, spending time with my adorable dog nephew, and trying to figure out my engagement shoot outfits.  This week has been blessed beyond belief, and I hope that you all have had similar experiences.  If you have had a difficult week, I am sending you love beyond belief, and ask that you may rest your head in the arms of someone you love.

Love and light,


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All photos and opinions are my own.

Have a prayer request? Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.

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