It comes in waves.

img_7591You know that saying where… when it rains it pours?  That’s how today feels like.  It feels like it’s pouring and I’m just sitting here waiting for the waves to pass over my head. One bad news after another.  And I’m just sitting here… soaking it in… hoping that when I come out of the storm – I’ll come out as an existential Goddess.  Full of life, fire, and thunder in my bewildered eyes.  Hopefully I will come out wiser, full of life and knowledge.

Today my eyes and body feel sunken.  It’s like the Universe is throwing what it can at me, just to see how much I can handle in life.   Curve ball.. after curve ball … after curve ball.  Well I guess the joke is on the Universe because, I’m pretty bad ass and, resilience is in my blood.  Maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon but I’ve been through some pretty deep things in my life.  Things some people have never experienced in their life time.  Staying in the darkness is not really my motto.  So I’m going to dust myself off, find an umbrella to get me out of this storm, buy a rain coat, and maybe learn to dance in the rainstorm.

You can’t embrace the light if you’ve never experienced the dark.

Love and light,


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All photos and opinions are my own.

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