Slaving away.

img_2511I have another full day with my dogs and I’ve missed spending time with them! SO SO much. It’s strange. haha.

I asked my partner if I could be a full time stay at home dog mom and he gave me a blank stare.  I’ll take that as a no.

This week it felt like I sat in 20 hours of unproductive meetings. I think I did. Nonetheless, it feels kind of empowering to make money again. … Right? Right. Don’t answer that.

I had a dinner date yesterday and it was nice to be on a “popping” scene.  Ugh, I feel like an old lady when I say that.  I would have preferred to be cozying with my dogs but… you know… socializing is good for humans here and there (note sarcasm).

I hate my commute.  I spend approximately three hours commuting every day to travel less than twenty miles.  Can you believe that?  I’ve been using this time listen to positive affirmations and an audible book titled You Are a Badass. It’s been nice but I can’t help but wonder how much more I could be doing with three hours, four days of the week. That’s twelve hours wasted on carbon footprints, honking at people, cutting people off, and just staring at the weird gray cloud that hovers over downtown LA.  Could you imagine?  That could be two hours of extra sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, walking, enjoying the sunrise, spending time with my family, or walking my dogs!  I wouldn’t need to feel rushed and hushed out the door at 5:30AM morning to make an 8:00AM shift.  Let’s talk about a whole city that sits with me in this traffic. Almost everyday.  I can’t help but wonder what that has done to an entire generation’s mental health.  Let alone, what that says about the economic climate people are choosing to live in, in order to provide for their families. There’s got to be more to life than this!  We are purpose driven people who need others to survive.  When we are spending more time on our phones, driving solo in a car, and slaving away at a job we hate… well… that’s a really sad and unfortunate reality that we have to change.

Just food for thought on this lovely Thursday from the beautiful ocean air of Long Beach.  Love you all!

Love and light,


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    1. Ah, ok. Just gotta deal with the LA traffic then I guess. We attempted to move to SoCal and my in laws were completely against it so guess we’ll be stuck in Fresno awhile longer.


    2. No way?! I thought they would have supported it. Southern California is nice (I love being by the beach) but it’s beginning to get congested here. Stephen and I are planning to move out of state in 2019 wherever I get accepted to. Preferably the PNW.

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