Body Oil, Skin, Yes.

f8011641-f687-4275-a1f7-ddc3c252e335I came home from work yesterday and brewed a batch of body oils for individuals who helped me get through the past month.  These individuals called me regularly, visited me, brought me food, and genuinely just cared for me.

I made them a gift with the highest quality ingredients that I have.  For this particular mixture, I used my highest quality oil, organic/pesticide-free rose hips, calendula, and chrysanthemum.

I have been using body oils for over two months now.  It is the most expensive, of all the products I make, and runs out the quickest.  However, it is the one that I see the most immediate results in.

Applying:  Before towel drying your body – you take a dab of oil and apply it to your skin (as you would a moisturizer).  You’ll see the oil repel the water and that’s totally normal.  Give your skin a minute (I usually towel wrap my hair during this time) and then towel dry your body.  Do NOT wash off the oil.  You will notice, immediately, how smooth and silky your skin is after it is dry. In my opinion, this method is 1000x better than chemically fragranced moisturizers.

The body oil smells amazing.  The best part:  it’s not chemically treated.  The floral products I use all have medicinal properties that are great for healing the skin.  I grew up with body acne and am really self-conscious about it.  I do a ton of research before putting things on my skin and making skincare items.

The universe operates through dynamic exchange – giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.  And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives. – Deepak Chopra

With all my heart,


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