89ddba76-03c0-40ee-8a1c-e146ebbf5a77.jpgI chose to not write a blog yesterday.  I just wanted to soak in a day, with my partner, with minimal laptop/devices.  We went out to a local coffee shop, a block down from where we live, that is attached to a vintage music store.  We brought journals with us and did a purpose-driven practice/activity. While sipping coffee and eating a light breakfast, we made a list of thirty things we want in the future and twenty things we love to do.  We then shared our individual lists and talked for hours about our goals and purpose in life.  The coffee shop contained hundreds of books and my inner geek just spent hours fumbling through the books with coffee in hand.

My partner was interested in the shop’s vinyl collection and bought a few items for my sister’s record player. We fumbled through hip hop, alternative rock, and indie folk records.  It was nostalgic to go through 90’s music players, cassette players, and CD drives.  It’s just something you don’t see anymore and made me reminisce my childhood and tween years.



After our morning excursion, we jolted our way to a local thrift shop and picked up some tools for herbal extractions, wool knitted sweaters, suede leather jackets, and a wood furniture piece I’m hoping to flip.  I’m going to sand the wood furniture piece down and give it a dark stain to add to my bathroom.  It was only $5.00 but I’m sure that I can get it to look like an eighty dollar piece after revitalizing it.  I love painting on wood and I also love flipping wood pieces.  I learned how to sand last summer and I have been meaning to take on more projects but haven’t had the chance to do it with everything that’s been happening around my health.


I came home and spent the afternoon with my dogs, walking them in the gorgeous weather, and giving them their biweekly bath.  I’m just trying to live in the smaller moments while appreciating everything I have.

I’ve been reading, Chopra’s What Are You Hungry For, and decided to cook a light dinner that would appeal to multiple taste buds. I’m taking his advice and am trying to transition my food to something that sparks my eyes and taste buds – while maintaining all of its nutritious benefits.

For dinner-I lightly fried tilapia steaks in organic olive oil, dressed it in organic lemon juice, organic mint, Southeast Asian rice powder spices, organic cilantro, and a small douse of fish sauce.  I paired it with brown rice and it was delicious.  I’m not a huge fan, of fish flavors, so typically try to drown it out with herbal flavors.  Mint tastes fantastic and has a number of benefits:  Aiding in digestion, treating nausea, reducing fatigue, and assisting with weight loss.  Cilantro is rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids and is often known to assist with lowering cholesterol levels.  I love these two herbs ❤ !!!!  Honestly, I need a lifestyle change, and am eager to lose the massive pounds I put on (these past couple) of years by eating healthier and working on my spiritual wellbeing!

My partner and I have been trying to read scripture and pray every night.  We have been making gains, as a couple, on being more accountable to each other’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing.  That also means that supporting one another to focus on ourselves first before we can support others.  It is well known that we can not support someone else if we are suffering on an individual level.

So, how are you doing?  I hope your weekend was filled with love and light.


Love and light,


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All photos and opinions are my own.

Have a prayer request? Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.

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