It’s a-brewing.

img_2565My medication is destroying my sleep cycle!  It’s been difficult for me to sleep, taking my medication in the evening, so I’m hoping that taking it in the morning will help a little more.  I had a list of things to do today but … sleep deprivation is a real thing.

I ran errands to buy more fruits and vegetables.  I’ve been reading Choprak’s conscious eating book and it’s bringing more awareness to how I already consume food.  For the most part, when I’m alone I’m a conscious eater, but that tends to go out the door when I’m in group settings. I am challenging myself to be more aware in group settings.

I’m not sure if I ever explained why I shifted to organic based foods but, for those who don’t know, I went through a series of surgeries from 2013-2015 related to abnormal ovarian tumor growths.  It challenged the way I consumed food and the harmful products I was regularly introducing to my body.  I can save that for a much longer, in-depth, blog.

As I’m typing, I am extracting my first client’s hair oil treatment.  I wrote about it in my previous blog – and she reached out to me to send her some.  Extraction takes a couple of hours and requires a lot of patience.  It’s a long process to create these products but the outcomes are usually well worth it.  For 2 oz it can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to extract the herb benefits.  That doesn’t even include letting it cool down, straining the oils, packaging, etc.

img_2566What I love about this, more then anything, is sharing the benefits of these products with people. I love making it, the aroma it brings, sharing it, and watching others enjoy it too.  It feels like a sisterhood that I can’t quite put my fingers on.  My grandmother was a medicine woman and in many ways, this process reminds me of her, and how we spent so many memories in her garden picking her herbal medicines.  I used to pretend to be her, as a child, and would spend countless hours pretending to be a medicine woman.  Now as an adult – I love playing with herbs.  Who would’ve thought?  I hope she gave me her green thumb’s wisdom.  I miss her often.

Love and light,


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