One of “those” days

Where did the enthusiasm go?  Writing yesterday’s letter definitely took an emotionally exhaustive toll on my body. Today, I am going to sit with those emotions, accept those emotions, listen to my body, and give it a day to rest and recover.

I found it rather difficult to wake up, write, and meditate today.  I could physically feel my negative energy trying to overwhelm my new coping mechanisms and really had to push myself to meditate, write, pray, walk and read today.  Activating the positive energy is the hardest part but once you start – it gets you moving! Thank goodness…  I had to practice the 5 second rule at least thirty times today, yikes.

885c72c2-8fd7-4467-9d8e-cdc30e9448f2On Tuesday, my friend invited me over to teach me how to make medicinal salve and candles.  I had attempted making candles (in the past) and had destroyed a lot of expensive ingredients while attempting.  It was very disheartening – so she offered to show me how to make it.

I learned a lot of things that day, the greatest one being this:  be patient.  While learning how to make candles, I learned that the biggest mistake, I made, was trying to rush the process!  It’s so strange how patience applies to so many different aspects of our life.  But I guess it goes to say that patience really does pay off and the good things in life take time.  We ended making  beautiful citronellae eucalyptus soy candles, topped with rose hips, lavender and jasmine petals.  All of these ingredients were non-gmo, organic, and pesticide free.

876a4c18-53df-4aa2-9cbd-7238c8fdb378The medicinal salve was made of locally grown white sage, jasmine, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sweet grass, beeswax, and rosemary.  Rosemary is a personal favorite of mine – I could literally use it for almost everything.  The benefits to rosemary are so vast.  It’s a great memory stimulant, antiseptic, and is great for acne prevention.

Aside from writing, reading, and praying – creating new skincare and hair care treatments has been really healing.  It’s something that can consume hours of my time.  I love sharing my medicinal/holistic healing remedies and I love making it too.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!! It’s raining here in southern California and I am enjoying every bit of it.


Love and light,


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All photos and opinions are my own.


Have a prayer request? Leave a comment below and I will pray for you.

  1. I make salves and tinctures with what I can find in the woods around here in the summertime. It is truly a healing thing that I love to spend time doing – especially when I’m having those days where nothing else seems right. ❤


    1. I’ve been making oils for a few months now and just learned how to make salves. It’s such an amazing healing process. People do not appreciate plants enough! The aromas that each one brings is nostalgic. I’m eagerly awaiting to move to the PNW so I can be closer to nature.

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