Shooting the countdown

dsc_0010Did I mention that I am supposed to be prepping for an engagement shoot?  Right, about that…   So I picked out the dress I am going to wear (back in January) and I think I like the concept of it so far.  It is made of chiffon and is really lovely but I haven’t worn a dress in almost a year now.  Yeah, I hate dresses.  The engagement shoot will have two wardrobe changes and it’ll be taken in the Pacific Northwest, with the beautiful air and all … but I basically do not even care at this point about this photo shoot.  Should I be more worried? Probably not, since I’ve been rewiring myself to live more and worry less. 🙂

My partner and I decided to move our ceremony back a few months so we could make more adjustments for the family members who are traveling.  Also for our own well being.  I’m not a huge fan of wedding planning, I hate event planning, and I have too many things happening at the same time right now.  I have a hard time believing the average American pays $20k for a wedding.  Just typing that made me glitch.  I’m a very private person, I like intimate conversations, and only have a small circle of friends that I trust with all of my heart.  Large and extravagant things really scare me.  I can not emphasize “S C A R E” enough.


I haven’t been sharing my wedding planning progress, as much as I would like, but it’s been a process.  My partner and I really want to focus on our spiritual faith more then the material process of a union.  In my previous post I talk in depth about our spiritual emphasis around becoming more Christ centered through prayer and scripture before uniting as one family.

We spent most of today exploring downtown Orange County, running errands, and exploring a local coffee shop.  We discussed engagement theme concepts and really just want something that feels authentic to who we are as a couple.  Nothing super extravagant or romantic…. but something that just goes, “Ah. That’s so stang.”

We’re both a bit self-conscious with how we will look on camera, since we’ve gained so much weight over the years, but we are glad to finally get the wheels moving. We are excited for the one month countdown until our engagement shoot!

With all my heart,


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