My Daily Dose

img_2376I return back to work in exactly ten days.  Instead of worrying about work- I will take some time to inform you of how I have been soaking this time of rest and healing.  I have been praying, meditating, reading, writing, healing, visiting doctors (lots and lots of them), and spending time with my two amazing and loving pets.

My daily routine has been the following: wake up and write, create content,  play with the dogs, feed the dogs, walk the dogs, write more, meditate, read, pray, walk the dogs, write, read and meditate.

A year and a half ago this cute fluff was purchased, by yours truly, for a close family member of mine who was battling depression, suicidal ideation and attempts.  Their caretaker did not approve of him, so my sister and I ended up taking ownership of him, loving him, raising him, and making him our own little ball of sunshine.

This pup and my lovely Destie (my bichon poodle) have kept me alive during this entire process.  I mean it.  I mean, my body has been breathing, but they kindle my spirit..

Every day they bring me their toy foxes to play tug, they cuddle in my lap, they greet me after I’ve been gone, they love me endlessly, they remind me to go out for walks, and they block the doorways when they know I am getting ready to leave.  In many ways, they are the simple reminders to enjoy the small breaths in life.  They teach me patience, to live in the small victories, and to give thanks for the intimate moments. They teach me to release my worries and to enjoy life as it comes.  I am practicing the art of releasing my worries, walking in love, and living in the moments.

“I will release this list of my desires and surrender it to the womb of creation, trusting that when things don’t seem to go my way, there is a reason, and that the cosmic plan has designs for me much grander than even those that I have conceived.” -Deepak Chopra

With all my heart,


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All photos and opinions are my own.

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