Thriving skin in 2018?


I have been on a journey with my skincare routine for quite some time now and I wanted to provide updates on how that journey has been.  In my last skincare post, I spoke at great lengths about how my skin was reacting to the oil cleansing method.  I decided to make adjustments and changes to my moisturizers and lessened the frequency of oil cleansing per week.

My skin has been loving these adjustments.  Even though I have been quite ill, physically and mentally, it has looked radiant.  I have quite a bit of discoloration around my nose because I have been frequently blowing it due to crying and a respiratory infection.  However, the oil seems to aid in healing the skin much more rapidly.  The puffiness under my eyes is due to restlessness but it should go away in a few days.  The restlessness has been due to the intense respiratory infection I’ve been recovering from.

The ELF Cosmetics Hydrating Water Essence seems to be the product that my skin is responding best to.  I have been using it in the morning, after my first face wash, and after I finish showering.  It provides a beautiful glow to my skin and makes it look dewy.  I really have not had a need to wear foundation the past seven days.   I would say it is comparable to many Korean skincare products but I think it’s better because it’s local, easier to get a hold of, and is very affordable.  I am halfway done with this bottle already and I am, without a doubt, restocking this item.

Last but not least, I wanted to share seven fun skincare facts with those who are new to my blog:

1. I am only wearing @elfcosmetics moisturizer in the featured image photo.

2.I have been struggling with acne, acne scarring, and breakouts since the fifth grade (for over seventeen years now)!

3. I fully transitioned my skincare products to be cruelty free, paraben free, and vegan friendly in 2017!

4. I have been making oil based skin cleansers since December 2017. I only use locally grown, organic, nongmo, herbs.

5. I use cold refined, organic, hexane free oils for all of my products because I do not believe our skin should be soaking in more harmful chemicals then it already does.

6.I have been taking courses on herbal medicinal properties for four months now and have been applying it to my skincare and haircare routines.

7. I have been using the oil skin cleansing method for three and a half months now and have seen amazing improvements in my skin, particularly redness, and the discoloration of acne scars.


With all my heart,


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