The past month. A moment in time.

We did it!  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog indicating we were prepping for my negotiation.  My negotiation took place on December 16th 2017 and we are happily seen as a married couple, through a cultural context, now.  The negotiation was a huge source of anxiety and stress in my relationship with my partner, my parents and even myself.  The process, as a whole, was relatively healing  because so much of the exploitative sexist undertones were removed (at my request) and my Father lovingly obliged.  After some time has passed I can discuss, in great depth, how we worked on this – side by side with my elders.  It took many years of arguments, tears, and finally healing.

You keep me safe

I’ll keep you wild

This week Stephen and I approached our twelve year anniversary.  A dozen years together and a lifetime more.  My heart is full.  We spent our anniversary securing a venue for our cultural reception as a married couple.  We are excited to share these moments with you all.  I will be regularly updating my instagram with details on the clothing, jewelry, workouts, and venue visits. We secured our venue at the Plaza in Buena Park.  It is extremely spacious and can fit roughly 300 attendees.  It’s set outdoors and will be during the evening of June.  We are hoping the sunset will capture many beautiful moments.


We are extremely excited and have also started looking into our engagement theme for April.  We’ve been pretty intentional with everything we have done so far – wanting it to represent us, as a couple, but reflect the various traditions we hold dear to our hearts.  Right now we are getting ready to book our April engagement travels and look forward to everything!

Many Blessings,


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