In the grace of 2018.

My resolutions.

This year I look forward to happiness, optimism, endings, and new beginnings. I’ve started tinkering with my blog, on an ongoing basis now, and it’s been a huge source of healing for me. In 2018 I just want to be happy.  Genuinely happy.

  1. I would like to officially close this chapter in my career and life (ideally) before July.
  2. I look forward to marriage, starting a family, and going back to school.
  3. I anticipate creating creams, serums, and oils for holistic skincare remedies.  I hope to begin selling samples by July 2018.  I’ll primarily be focusing on organic, chemical free products.
  4. I would like to travel to Thailand for my honeymoon in December.
  5. I want to be a better and happier person.  I want to read more books.  Travel more. Laugh more.  Take more photos.  Did I mention laughing more?
  6. I would also like to get myself back into a healthy weight bracket.  In all of the chaos, sadness, and stress I really let myself ‘go’ physically.  I stress ate, stopped working out, was overwhelmed all the time, and sat in my exhaustion, stress and anxiety.
  7. I would like to take a step back from bending over for others. I just want to focus on myself this year.


In all that I do, I send you love and warmth from sunny Southern California.

Many blessings.



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All photos were taken and belong to me.



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