No Coffeine? No words.

The kindest words my father said to me

women like you drown oceans.

Rupi Kaur

I am writing this blog with zero coffee in my system.  To give you a better idea of how that is going … I have been attempting to write this blog since 12:00PM. It is now 5:01 PM and I have jotted down three fragmented sentences.

I ran out of coffee yesterday and have not had the time, nor the energy, to buy more.  Thursdays are my typical days off and today I really just wanted to meander around the house and process all of the emotions I have around endings. 

I just ended my Biochemistry course this week (yay!).  Some folks, that I’ve been working with for years, are now moving onto new things.  And a lot of people that I care about are moving away to begin a new chapter in their life.  It brings a deep sense of sadness to my heart to have all of these beautiful endings but, at the same time, it brings me great joy to see people I love move onto new chapters in their life.  Additionally December will likely be the last month where I have reduced hours.  It is highly likely that I will be moved back to full time in 2018.


This week is also a pivotal point in my relationship as well.  Culturally speaking, my fiance will ask my parents for my hand.  In this “ask” my fiance’s family will give my parents a monetary gift to thank them for raising me.  This monetary gift is based on my “worth” or value.  This practice is relatively controversial in the United States but many families still practice it.    Hypothetically speaking … if it does not go well – my fiance and I have agreed to go separate ways.  I need all of the prayers and blessings I can get. We love each other unconditionally but really just want to move on with our lives.  Either by beginning as one family or with the mutual understanding that our families may never see eye to eye due to cultural dysfunctions.


With that in mind.  My soul is heavy with overwhelmingly healthy emotions today.  I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday reading this blog. You are all exquisite, wonderful, divine and beautiful human beings.


Many blessings.



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