Word vomit

I am reading a book that I borrowed from a close friend.  It is called, “Woman Who Glows in the Dark.”  I have a mixture of emotions, upon waking today, that has encouraged me to lay in bed with coffee in hand.  In one hand I am toting this book, in the other, I am single-handedly typing this blog.  The heater is blasting in the room.  I believe it is only 60 degrees but my southern California threshold is unable to cope with this. Ha Ha, I know.

I finished my final yesterday and I didn’t perform or receive the grade I wanted.  I spent last weekend cramming three weeks worth of content because the previous two weeks I was regularly visiting and taking shifts at the hospital for my younger brother.  I can’t say I did not expect the grade but I truly believe I could have done better.  Nonetheless.. what’s done is done.

I am glad that I got this course taken care of.  Onto the next.

I have my exam in March and the course I just completed comprises almost 50% of that exam.  I’m really glad that I now have this under my belt.  I also enrolled in psychology and physiological psychology, just because I really enjoy learning.

I excel more in psychology, sociology, creative writing, the arts, and anything unrelated to science.  The real question is, “Why does Tang gravitate towards math/sciences when her strength is somewhere else?”  It’s complicated.  I like being challenged and I often feel I am not challenged in subjects I excel in.. That pretty much sums it up.

I took the course, and am scheduled to take the exam in March, as a “last call” to see if that is what I really want to do with my life.  I’m not sure if the income was an incentive but I am beginning to think that may have been the primary incentive for me wanting to go into the field.  Do not get me wrong, I want to be a healer.  I believe healing has always been where my heart is – but I am beginning to doubt whether traditional Western medicine was the type of healing I wanted.  I do believe there is going to be a shift, soon, where holistic healing modalities will become a massive demand in the next ten years.  As our society becomes sicker (mentally and physically), I believe people will begin to take a step back and reflect more heavily on their spiritual wealth and ancestral healing practices.  As a society, we turn to technology and science to relieve symptoms but rarely look at the root causes of these issues. Genes, DNA, the inexplicable food we are poisoning our society with.

“Many people today are frustrated today with Western Medicine because they know it lacks heart… No one can really heal another human being.  True healing is always a cocreation between client and healer … A medical system that encourages people to not ask questions and to accept blindly the treatments and prescriptions of a doctor, and teaches nothing about preventative measures, nutrition or how to maintain emotional health is lacking in the most basic tenets of health care.”  -Elena Avila

We need to ask ourselves: Why is cancer increasing?  What are the toxic chemical exposures we are introducing to women’s uterus (non organic tampons, bleached pads, biosynthetic hormones)? The uterus is one of the most porous organs in the human body. How will the overprescription of birth control affect a generation?  If we see how injecting animals, with hormones, has such massive effects why are we not asking the same questions about humans?  Why are men resorting to such extreme violence in a way that we have never seen before?  How are we allowing men to seek mental health services or support groups?  What will the psychological effects be for children who were born into the media, youtube, social media world?

Until we meet again, I hope you enjoyed my venting session.

Many Blessings,


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