One week with my weighted blanket

Isn’t she lovely? And they say “she’s so lucky, she’s a star,” but she cries cries cries in her lonely heart thinking if there’s nothing, missing in my life.

Then why do these tears fall at night?

Sometimes I watch “The Voice” and this week Addison Agen’s cover of Britney Spear’s “Lucky” has been replaying in my head repetitively.

This week has felt much better compared to the entire month of November, which has been such a huge relief for me.  My partner purchased a twenty pound weighted blanket as an early Christmas present for me.  I wanted one for months but never purchased it.  In short- weighted blankets are used as an anti-anxiety tool.  It provides deep touch pressure regulation and sensory regulation. Seratonin and dopamine, two of the body’s “feel good hormone,” is released when the blanket is being used during the sleep cycle.  It’s been shown to be fairly effective for alleviating stress and anxiety and has been long used in psychiatry, the dental profession and occupational therapy.

Day 1-2:  I have been using it for one week and have a lot of thoughts on it so far!  The first two days took a lot of adjusting.  I felt like it took a lot of time for me to be ‘comfortable’ with the blanket primarily because I wasn’t accustomed to the shear amount of extra weight being placed on my body.  I’ve always felt it was difficult for me to sleep on my back, due to my asthma, so was really nervous about it the first two days.

Day 3-8:  After the third day – I found it much easier for me to fall asleep within thirty minutes of laying in bed.  In the past it took me hours to fall asleep.  I have a hard time sleeping without it now.  When I wake up, I find that I very much look forward to starting my day on time and I also look forward to going to bed at a set time.

Prior to the blanket – I had four different sets of alarm to wake me up on time because I was always too tired to wake up.  I never really associated my exhaustion with stress or anxiety.  I knew I had anxiety and stress, which is why I purchased the blanket, but never correlated how it was affecting my sleep cycle – in turn effecting my overall health.

I can actually sleep on my back with the weighted blanket.  Ironically I assumed I was unable to sleep on my back due to asthma.  After three days with the weighted blanket I found I could easily sleep on my back with no issues related to breathing.  I am beginning to think my physicians, and myself even, have been blaming my asthma for many health issues. In reality it was probably my anxiety/stress flaring up the rest of my body the past four years following my multiple surgeries.  This is a huge milestone of discovery for my mental and physical health recovery!

This is obviously just my first week with the blanket but it has helped me extensively with relieving the symptoms.  Obviously there is a larger discussion that needs to be had and it is this, “What is triggering my anxiety and stress levels?  What are regular coping mechanisms I have in place to relieve my triggers in meaningful and healthy way?”


Wish me luck on my biochemistry final Tuesday, I will share my first herbal course experience with you in next week’s blog!


Many Blessings,


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All photos were taken and belong to me.


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