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Nayirah Waheed

In two weeks the wedding processes will begin.  I hope that I can finally move on from this part of my life and transition into the vision I have been delaying.  Steady heart, do not fail me.

If I took the long way, do not punish me.  I took the long way, please understand my circumstance does not define me, it speaks of my resilience instead.  This is my insecurity getting the best of me – always…

I know my last couple of blogs have been relatively down so I wanted to write a post on the things I am looking forward to in life, the upcoming year, and the upcoming months.

I am excited to begin the next chapter of my life.  Wedding planning, marriage, starting a family and going back to school.  These past couple of years have not been fulfilling but I am glad I am finally gaining momentum in the things that matter most.

My fiance and I will begin the cultural formal marriage procedures in the month of December and we have our engagement shoot scheduled for April of 2018.    My exams are in March and I will begin my applications in June 2018.  We are aiming for an August wedding, dun dun dun, and then from there we will proceed to plan our Thailand wedding at the end of 2018.

A few weeks ago we purchased the wedding band that will be paired against my engagement ring.  It is so beautiful together.

We selected our engagement shoot location and I am so excited to begin shopping for the dress I will wear to the engagement shoot.  I have been heavily debating whether I should add low lights to my hair before the engagement shoot but I guess I can hold off on that until further notice.  Especially since my hair routine has been pretty spectacular.

Would you like to hear more about my wedding planning journey?

Many Blessings,


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All photos were taken and belong to me.


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