I am thankful for the moon, my ancestors and the sun.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I would like to give thanks.  This is a piece I wrote dedicated to my beautiful paternal Grandmother who passed when I was in fifth grade. All rights belong to me.

My Grandmother's wrinkles,
Hardened by the earth, wars, and tears
Softened by restless nights
A gold chain with a cross around her neck
Kept her safe during warful frights
A rectangular stone used to sharpen knives
this rectangular stone,
still visits my dreams at night
An herbal goddess who healed families,
A mother with medicinal remedies
She was more then just a refugee
She is much more then just a memory
She is in my father, my mother, my brother,
My grandmother lives in me.
Her spirit was wild like those of our ancestors
Encouraging,loving, brave, tired
She returned to mother earth one night too soon
She returned to the earth to shine in the moon

Many Blessings,


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