Slowly but surely.

I’m a few days late with my blog but it is because I am battling the flu.  Nonetheless, here’s what I’ve been up to. ♥♥

I’ve slowly started listing some of my finds, from the past year, on my posh account.  My neurotic side is kicking in and my perfectionism will be the death of me.  I really want my pieces to be a reflection of my style and artistic eye for pairing items.  I’ve had an idea of what this shop and account would be… since I was like… ten years old.

Now that I’m finally putting those pieces together I really just want it to have a certain vibe to it that I can’t quite put out there yet.  I am not as camera friendly as I used to be but I will begin style blogging (vintage finds) before listing my items.  That way people really get to see how great it looks on a person before they purchase the item. It’s an exciting project that I’m investing a lot of heart into.  Fall is also my favorite styling season, so I can’t wait for my mannequin to come in, so I can truly display how beautiful these items look when they are styled appropriately and fitted.

I spent a lot of my time this year launching my fishing and travel platform, with my partner,   but I will be temporarily shifting my social media focus more to styling in the upcoming months.  I’m transitioning and training, my partner, on social media strategies and engagement tactics before phasing myself from #stangtravels .  I was the primary point of contact for videos, engagements, and analytics the past ten months on instagram, youtube, wix and sponsorships.  It’s been a wonderful place but I really want to pursue a passion I’ve dreamed of since I was a child now.  It’s just a temporary shift until I go back to school.


In the mean time… I’m learning a lot about protein ligands, enzymes, and amino acids.  Who knew biochemistry  could be so exciting?  😛 Wish me luck on my next exam on the 16th of October!


Many Blessings,




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