Passion Projects

I finished my first biochemistry exam last week and  thought I completely blew it.   Turns out – everyone in the class blew it so the professor was required to curve the exam, to salvage 90% of his class failing.  Whew*

I just bought the first five items for my vintage boutique yesterday.  I am writing the descriptions, styles, and dry cleaning them this weekend so that it can be posted next week and I am super excited! They’re such beautiful items and I can’t wait to share them.  When I was younger I really wanted to attend art and fashion school but didn’t like the idea of being restrained in my expression. My parents also didn’t support that route.  I’m using the very few extra money I have to launch this and I am beyond excited.  It could be a failure but on the upside – it’s also a passion project.  I think it is better to try something, you’re passionate about, and to fail then to never try it at all.

Generally speaking there are a lot of things happening this year:  marriages, deaths, work complications, my own engagement, school and just trying to move along in life.  I really want my passion project to launch sufficiently by December but I am also juggling working full time, trying to ace my biochemistry course, saving to go back to school for my doctorate by Winter 2019 or Fall 2019, and planning a wedding for 2018! I’m definitely testing my patience but I feel confident the wait for everything will be worth it.

Many Blessings,


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