Somatic Massage Therapy and Skincare

This Thursday will mark the two month mark of my massage therapies.  It has been such a healing experience for me to make this a part of my routine.  Making this a regular part of my routine has helped me see clearer – especially since my surgical/physical traumas.  It feels like a strong step into the right direction.

Talk therapy is triggering and, in my honest opinion, is too deeply rooted and catered to the physiological makeup of Caucasians.  For indigenous communities, like my own, who have only recently dabbled in Western medicine – we still store many of our traumas and stress in our tissue.  Culturally, indigenous communities have practiced massage remedies and holistic healing modalities for hundreds of years.  We still do not have words to describe many of the illnesses western medicine has created an entire book for (DSM).  The national health institute recognizes that some populations, Asian groups for example, present with somatic symptoms more then anything else.  It still amazes me that providers are not trained to work with the diverse needs various communities present themselves with.

I’m excitedly waiting for my appointment on Thursday.  It is much cheaper then paying a physician copay.

Some people say massage therapy has a placebo effect. Not necessarily. There are hundreds of well founded research indicating what massage therapy helps with.  Although it is not a free for all – it does help heal certain traumas, especially traumas related to:  stress, anxiety, surgical traumas.  It was once joked that yoga and acupuncture were ineffective as well – and now it’s been stolen and appropriated by other communities.

Facial massages have also been doing wonders for my skin.  I’ll talk about my microdermabrasion and node massages in a future post.

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