The weather is cooling down and I am thinking of new.

The weather is settling down, after the Southern California heat wave, and I’m excitedly waiting for the autumn season to kick in already.  In this photograph I have a thrifted tribal patterned maxi skirt, H&M buttoned down cotton top, a pair of red Sbicca Jareds, and a Volcom sunhat.  I love loose fitted items and pairing simple items with tribal patterns.  I often wish there were more Hmong tribal patterns on the market but I understand that would entail cultural appropriation and the exploitation of an indigenous community.  An area I feel strongly against.

Nonetheless, I love this look paired with a leather oversized watch. Go light on the accessories, it’s really not needed. At most I would add a cream colored scarf.

I live less then a mile from the beach and get to enjoy the year round warm weather and the salty ocean air.  It is rather refreshing to have my allergies and sinuses cleansed by mother nature. For the most part I’ve been indoors since Sunday afternoon.  I contracted a blood and kidney infection over the weekend (while camping) and I have been relatively unwell fighting the infection alongside my prescribed antibiotics.  My medical bills were rather expensive and I can’t help but wonder how exploitive our American healthcare system is to the middle class. As a middle class, single, educated, working, insured woman – I can only imagine the struggle of being a middle class family with children who depend on this insurance for their livelihood (ie vaccines, emergencies, routine physician visits).  On the flip side – if I ever started a family that would be me.

Here are some of the photos from camping this weekend.  I have a particular germ-phobia.  The excessive heat, crowded campsite, and labor day holiday weekend made the porter potties relatively unpleasant.  To me – it was a wreaking havoc of bacteria so I tried to hold everything in. It unpleasantly resulted in a kidney infection.  I was rather irritable for most parts of it, due to the heat and the too-close-for-comfort family affair.  However, it was enjoyable being back with mother nature for the few days I was there.

Most importantly, there’s been so many heart wrenching things happening in our community and the political climate.  I ask and pray that we all come together as a people.  It is hard for me to read the news, my social media feed, or to walk without hearing the hurt of communities (particularly communities of color).  Pray. Pray for Texas, Hurricane Irma, and the young people who fear deportation as a result of DACA.  Many love and blessings are being sent to everyone living in fear.  I am fighting for you, hurting with you, listening to you, and standing with you.

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