The Universe Hates Me

Twenty seven is starting off on all the wrong notes. It is safe to say the universe is not aligning in my favor.  I am okay with that.  I’ve been reflecting and evaluating how to move forward from the stump I am currently encountering.

As I sit on my yoga ball chair, rosemary essential oil easing its way into my system, I can’t help but realize how far I have strayed from my dreams, aspiration and happiness. This is not who I am, where I am meant to be, or where I was called to be.  My work is done.  I have grown to my fullest potential and feel it is time to close this chapter of my life.  What does that mean?! I think that’s the question everyone asks at this point in their life.

I often reflect on how much I have changed and shifted as a person.  My soul is different, my demeanor has changed, and I feel darker then I once was.  At the same time, I feel more confident, wiser, assertive, and I know what it takes to make me happy. Most importantly I’ve learned how to tell people to stay out of my business if they have no intentions of uplifting me.  Trust me, it’s a great skill set to have.  I have grown a lot as an individual but more importantly I have grown to listen to my physical body and what my spirit asks of me.


It is time for me to start acting selfishly and competitively again. No one is going to make me happy, only I can do that. That fairy tale stuff does not exist. I am back.


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