One year of blogging and going public

We have been actively blogging for one year now and it has been such an adventure. When Stephen and I decided to move towards a public platform we were not really sure where it would lead us – but we have found this experience to be rewarding beyond measure.  The traveling, fishing and blogging community has been absolutely wonderful. Since joining the community, we have rarely received negative feedback and are supported by so many amazing community members online, through companies, and in public spaces.

Why did we decide to move towards a public platform?

  • Stephen and I have been together for over a decade now.  People have been nudging us, for quite some time within our network and social sphere, to create content to guide and support others.  After debating this for two years, we decided to begin a passion project while we were both struggling with our careers and schooling (next steps).  It helped our relationship immensely to share our passion, struggles, and motivations with those who are in similar positions in life.  I do not think we anticipated our platforms (youtube and instagram) launching the way that it did.  We received such an out pour of support, that it really blew our mind, and we decided to never turn back.  Traveling, blogging, photography and fishing has been immensely therapeutic for the both of us.  We reached a really low point in our relationship this year and the support of the community really held us together.  We rarely have spaces to be open and vulnerable with each other – that when we stumbled onto this… it was something we unanimously decided to hold onto.


Thank you for one year of blogging.  Youtube and Instagram one year anniversaries will be coming up in October and we have a special surprise for all of our supporters.

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