Traveling on a budget: my tips and tricks

A lot of people believe I shell out tons of money to travel!  That is not true at all.  I work part time at a local non-profit organization so money is a bit tight for me, especially since I live in Los Angeles County.  I wanted to share some great ways I save when I travel.

  1. Travel during the fall, winter, weekdays or Thanksgiving week.  Wait what?  Most people go home for Thanksgiving so hotel prices plunge down.  People also tend to travel less during cold seasons. I, however, love traveling in the cold because I like to stay active and typically hate sitting in my sweat.
  2.  Erase your cookies anytime and every time you are looking for airfare or hotel fees.  If your browsers get a hint you’re planning on traveling – you bet they’re going to rack up the prices on you.
  3. Look for luxury suites through groupon.  I know… groupon is secretly my best traveling friend but I can’t tell you how many times I obtained a luxury suite for $27.00;
  4. Want to go to Hawaii?  Costco packages are amazing.
  5. Grab a company discount on a rental vehicle. It’s highly likely that you, or your friend, or a family member has a company discount for renting a car.
  6. Plan one expensive “bougie” evening.  Whenever I travel I like to spend time in the outdoors… I know, that’s not for everyone, but try to budget one evening to just enjoy a more fine wine and dine type of night.  Once you know which restaurant and day that is – you’ll have so much fun the rest of the week knowing you’ll be within your budget.
  7. Budget friendly eating.  I mark local trader joes and grocery stores into my maps while traveling. It helps me know where the local markets are.  It’s good for me to try to eat healthy and fresh food, while on the road, it also saves me the hassle of worrying about where my next meal is going to be.  Keep in mind – most of my travels exist predominantly of hiking and the outdoors (hence why there is no clubbing, alcohol, etc in this list).
  8. Pack according to the weather and check the weather.
  9. Bring a traveling fishing rod.  Because you never know when you’ll miss a bite. 🙂
  10. Take advantage of Jetblue, Southwest and airline deals.  They usually happen through various intervals throughout the year.  These deals can save you an arm and leg when traveling out of state.
  11. Take advantage of city passes.  Most large cities will have city passes, in the United States.  You’ll save a couple hundred dollars with these passes but will need to reserve and plan very well to take full advantage of the dollar value.
  12. Bring a gopro.  I find that my Nikon can sometimes be tricky to travel with because I’m clumsy.  Having a cheaper camera alternative ensures more memories are being saved.

Hope you found this helpful.  More on traveling guides in the future!

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