Struggling with anxiety and trauma

Anxiety has been something I have struggled with significantly following my surgery recovery in 2013.  Sometimes it feels debilitating.  This week has been particularly difficult so I thought I would share some things I’ve learned along the way.  I’ve learned that there are a few natural remedies that help me when I feel paralyzed emotionally and mentally:

  1.  The beach.  Something about negative ions and salty air really puts my mind at ease. High concentrations of negative ions are essential for high energy and a positive mood . It has been shown that levels of negative ions are inversely related to levels of serotonin in the brain. Negative ions suppress serotonin levels in much the same way that natural sunlight suppresses melatonin. Hence the invigorating effect of fresh air and sunshine and the correspondingly depressed feelings associated with being closed in and dark. If you deplete the air of negative ions, you experience an increase in serotonin and its attendant drowsiness and relaxation. This is not what you want when mental agility is demanded.”
  2. Chamomile and green tea both provide me with anxiety reduction because it calms me down.  Both teas have been found to curb/lower blood pressure in various research studies.  For me drinking is a natural relaxer.
  3. Deep breaths because… asthma and … why not?  When your mind is in a state of edge – it is not getting the amount of air it needs. I like to take deep long breaths. Breathe in for three seconds and breathe out for five seconds. I find that it’s not as helpful as the first two but it does help me a little bit….
  4. Lavender essential oils.  Lavender helps me calm down almost immediately. It is so helpful for me to use this to calm me down and put me at ease.  I love lavender especially if I’ve had a stressful day at work.

How do you cope with your anxiety?

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