Navigating North Shore, Hawaii


I recently picked up vlogging, outside of blogging, because of it’s unique ability to capture images/content that words may not be able to describe fully.  I have spurts of my week from Hawaii in this youtube clip – with the exception of the snorkeling and kayaking clips.  Those will be posted on my fishing youtube channel.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this footage!  I came back from Hawaii super tan and sun soaked.  I’ve been itching/missing the island life since I left.

When I planned for this trip, I was very intentional on how I wanted to spend my money and time.  Hawaii is an island I’ve never wanted to visit… strange, right?  I’ve always found it a bit disgusting knowing all the ways in which mainstream America oppressed and continues to oppress the Native Hawaiians.  When I planned my trip, I actually chose to not put my money in a multi-million dollar resort and instead opted to glamp.  Granted, the weather was killer – I really enjoyed the outdoors (minus the twenty mosquito bites).

I also did heavy research, and asked my friends, who are Native Hawaiian, about local mom and pop shops owned by people of color.  This made me feel better about putting my money into locals who may not have as much marketing funds as multi billion dollar companies.

Last, I tried not to bring my arrogant entitled southern California attitude with me.  I’m very aware of the many privileges I have … the least I could do is show some gratitude to the kindness of the locals.  In return, they often showed me their gratitude too (granting me the native discount everywhere I went).

I am glad my brother chose to have his wedding in Hawaii not only to celebrate the union of two amazing people…but… mainly because I knew I would have never made the trip were it not for his wedding…

I’m awestruck with the climate and diversity of Hawaii. On the mainland, there is so much racial, political and privilege divisions and debates… it’s nice to see a community in the United States that feels whole.

cheers to traveling and learning more about myself and others.

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