Updates on my Resolutions: mid-year

I wanted to provide a midyear update on my new year’s resolution.  So… here goes.:

  • Remove myself from my current situation (work-wise) and refocus my energy where it is needed to execute my next life goals.

I made this shift in February.  I was actually in the process of applying to jobs, because I was absolutely exhausted, but was instead able to be reduced to part time while still keeping all of my benefits at no cost!  It became effective, as of mid April, and I have benefited heavily in studying and sanity since then.

  • Trust that the Lord will guide and provide for me.

Obviously the downside of shifting to part time meant my finances would become strained… and it has… but naturally that leads to my next bullet point.

  • Renew my faith in God’s plan for me.

I believe God has a plan for me.  It may not be linear and cookie cutter like many other students but I strongly believe there was a much needed purpose for it.  The past two year I have been reviving my spiritual body (post-trauma) and my physical body (post ovary removals).

  • Spend more time on the water and less money on food.

This is a work in progress… I’ve been getting better on this but could do better.

  • Do not purchase any new cosmetic items until it has been used (project pan) and replace it with organic / cruelty free / vegan free cosmetics.

Project pan has been difficult for me but I have been purchasing organic, cruelty free, vegan cosmetics.  So that makes one for two.

  • Save up and fully plan for a 2018 wedding.

On track. 🙂 See my previous posts for wedding planning progress and updates.

  • Focus on my end goal of medicine.

Check, check and check.  I have everything ready to go and just ask that everyone prays for me in this area.  I was accepted into medical school in 2015… I didn’t have the money to pay for my seat reservation.  It was one of the most heart breaking moments of my life.  I’ve spent the last two years saving my money for reapplying, the cost to hold a seat, and travels (for when the time comes to move and secure a housing deposit).

  • rebuild relationships and friendships.

Check, check.

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