The stars aligned.

I once believed that horoscopes were bull— because of my religious background.  The more I think of it – the more  I realize it is not an issue of bad/good but just a fact of life we can choose to ignore or explore.

If the moon’s gravity can shift the tides of the earth and create patterns of change in marine animals … Can it not do the same to human beings?  Our body is made of fibers, metals, and the elements.  What if the gravity of our entire solar system had the same effect on humans?  Are we not made of elements: oxygen, iron, hydrogen, water?  The moon’s size is much smaller then other planets and the sun… it would make sense that Venus or Saturn’s gravitational pull on earth would have a larger effect on the elements in our body.  Does the bible not say we are made from the dust and to the dust we will return?  If my God, is truly an almighty God, would it not make sense that He created such an intricate model of balance in our universe?

I once listened to Francis Chan’s talk about how beautiful the world is… maybe… we have just become too far removed from the power of God that we refuse to acknowledge the power itself when we interact with it. We challenge whether it is Christianity vs Science vs Paganism vs Atheism.

What if we accepted how amazing the Creator is?  Instead of questioning its religious appropriateness – accept how we can only dream of scratching the surface of such a big and beautiful creation.

My weekly food for thought.

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