Where my heart is: 2017

My heart has been heavy with the planning stages of my next steps.  I have been in my role, career wise, for almost three years now and I am ready to move on to my original plan.  I have only saved enough money for the applications to medical school and my prep courses. I am a bit nervous but I spent yesterday fasting and praying for God’s guidance in what is to come.

Here is where I stand. I can no longer stay in the role I have been in because it drains every ounce of me: physically, emotionally and mentally. I am exhausted.  It is, no doubt, the kind of career that is a life long career. However – I have outgrown my role in this capacity and am no longer growing and developing in a way that feeds me.  I need to feel like I am constantly developing in a healthy and fulfilling way.  At the moment, I am nowhere near this goal. My body signals indicate that I have been in a chronically stressed state for months now, since September.

Here are my goals for 2017, in full and complete thoughts:

  1. Remove myself from my current situation (work-wise) and refocus my energy where it is needed to execute my next life goals.
  2. Trust that the Lord will guide and provide for me.
  3. Renew my faith in God’s plan for me.
  4. Spend more time on the water and less money on food.
  5. Do not purchase any new cosmetic items until it has been used (project pan) and replace it with organic / cruelty free / vegan free cosmetics.
  6. Save up and fully plan for a 2018 wedding.
  7. Focus on my end goal of medicine.
  8. rebuild relationships and friendships.



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