Catching up: post-vacation

I’ve been spending a lot of time, the past two weeks, catching up from our vacation.  With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been frantically checking my budgets to make sure all gifts are in line.  However – every year Christmas feels more distant.  The more gifts I buy the more grinch-y I feel.  I like simplistic Christmases. The cozy fuzzy warm feeling type of Christmases but my family wants full blown extravagant Christmases. Every year it’s, “Let’s go bigger and better.”

I mean that sounds swell and all but… I’m over it.  I’m not Kim Kardashian, my salary isn’t anywhere near hers, if you want it you pay for it. 🙂

I think it’s time I invest in a yurt and forever lock myself away from society.


do not fear, once I clean up my house, beauty blogs will be on their way.

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