Rose Water, Aloe and Herbs, Lavender Essential Oil



I love to love my skin. That was a weird sentence, right?  You’ve seen in the past that I’ve raved about skin care and trust me my list of skincare keeps-a-going…

Although I am a makeup junkie – I have many days where I like to go makeup free. I try to give myself 3 days in the week where I go without foundation, primer, and concealers!  Yes – 3 days. That means I can choose 3 work days or 2 weekends and a work day.  I like to give my skin a break from the harsh coverage that can often come with makeup.  I also find that makeup coverage can break me out – so I like to enjoy the best of both worlds.

On the days I go makeup-less, I spritz rose water and Mario Badescu’s aloe- herbs formula onto my skin.  I work in a high stress environment so it’s really important that I pinch in lavender here and there to calm my mental state.  Rose water has anti-inflammatory components that help ease sensitive skin that may be inflamed.  Whereas lavender oil can ease up your respiratory tract, calm tension in the skin, and enhance circulation in the body. I use lavender oil every night, through my diffuser, to help me sleep. I also use small drops in my shampoo, conditioners and some of my rose water sprays to alleviate body tension.  **Note: rose water can also be spritz across your body as a light scent. It helps keep the body at ease.  I do this when I’ve had a rough day at work before I go home.

I like to buy my rose water(s) and essential oil(s) in bulk online to avoid restocking costs. It’s also a bit cheaper to buy in bulk and saves the hassle of worrying once you’re out. I buy my sets in three(s) so that I can give myself time to use the products for at least 4-6 months.

I believe it is important that we listen to our bodies. If we are breaking out, ask yourself why?  If there is tension in our shoulders and neck, ask yourself why? What can you do to ease that tension? What is triggering that tension? If you can not control the tension – can you alleviate the tension?  Your body always has a way of telling you something is wrong – you just need to tune into it.  Love your body and trust your body.



“No medicine can cure the damage caused by disregarding the inner intelligence with which we are gift with.”-Rena Chaudhary

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