Stephen’s Pick of the week: L’Homme


Next time you end up at Sephora while waiting for your girlfriend to finish shopping for makeup, take a stop to sample some men’s fragrances there. Its not like you have much to lose at this point, and its better than standing standing behind your girlfriend as she decides what skin shade best resembles her own. Plus, you never know what you might actually find. Over the weekend at downtown Disney, during our Disneyland date I ran across the small .33oz bottle of L’Homme for $25. It had an amazing sweet and warm aroma with a slight hue of of cedarwood which for the price point was an absolute steal. Very often scents can change once mixing with your natural odors so you’re not really breaking the bank on this cologne that you may end up not using often. You really get your bang for the bucks on the cologne just incase you end up not enjoying the scent later.



Yves Saint Laurent


Composition: Bergamot, ginger, vetiver, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean

Release Year: 2006   Release Bought: 2016

Strength: Light/moderate

Scent: 8.8/10

Style: Magnetic, sensual, intriguing, elegant

Price: approximately $25 for .33oz $70 for 2oz

What makes this product good in my opinion? Being a very safe pick, L’homme is very pleasing, yet doesn’t have that luring effect that may be too overpowering. The scent is inoffensive and smells very warm and pleasant to everyone around, I’ve personally received multiple compliments while wearing it.

Where would you recommend wearing it to? Because of it’s light weight, I feel that you could get away with wearing the fragrance in most scenarios.  I would call this a casual scent; you could even get away with it at work. In order to reach its full potential, try wearing it on warmer days.

When: Spring, Summer, early Fall

Cons: Due to it being light scent, it really lacks longevity and the ability to endure a full day without having to reapply, however at will least up to 2-5 hours.













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