Rose Water Clay Mask


Your skin speaks volume about your health, did you know that?  It gives you a good idea, typically, on how you are doing because it is one of the few parts of your body where you can physically see stress.  Sure, genetics plays a big part of that – but have you ever broke out during a stressful final exam?  Maybe a break up … or right before “that time of the month.” Hormones, the body, cortisol levels, happiness and emotions are all connected.

Stress is a life factor you can not avoid. However, you can have a plan of action in place to take care of your skin.  I like to use this rose clay mask recipe once a week to take care of myself! Why? Because I deserve it – don’t we all?

 This rose clay mask (see link below) draws oil, dirt and blackheads out of the pore.  I typically take one small spoon full and add it to my facial mix stirring bowl.  From there – I take my Mario Badescu Facial Spray and spritz it into the mixing bowl until there is a beautiful semi liquid consistency. I love the facial spray because it is packed with beneficial skin products such as aloe and rose water.  Both ingredients have calming and rejuvenating effects on the skin!  Why use tap water when you can give your skin the hydration it deserves?

You can use your hands or a spoon to apply the clay onto your face once the consistency is to your liking.  Leave it on your face until it is mostly dry (~15-20 minutes) – then rinse off! Voila! Your face will feel so smooth, tight, and clean afterwards.

Products: Mario Badescu Skin Care Facial Spray (with aloe, herbs and rosewater), Evan Healy Rose Clay Mask, facial mask bowl mixer

Skin Type: Combination Oily

Sensitive: Yes

Acne-prone: Yes

Tone: Olive/Tan/NC42

Questions?! Feel free to ask in the contact section above!

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